June 4, 2023

O Camgirl

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Breaking News: AB5, Streamate and why you may not be getting your full %

For  a short introduction to Assembly Bill 5 and its impact so far on the webcam industry it essentially means any performers located in California are treated as employees now. If you are not camming from California this wont impact you.

On Streamate in particular, any CA performers have now been transferred to a new Studio called Cal Gems, a third party company, however, there have been reports of performers now getting only 24%, 29% or 30% of their earnings and until now no knowledge of why this is.


The reason is, your old studio you were transferred from is now voluntarily asking Streamate to give them a referral fee directly from your earnings. You may not even of known you were in a studio before and believed you were directly signed up to Streamate.


If you were apart of a reputable studio before hand, request they do not take commission from you any longer, if you accidentally signed up via a shady studio or didnt even know you had done it there may not be much you can do unfortunately.