March 26, 2023

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The No-Nonsense Guide to Webcam Modeling

Audio Interview with MFC Model Violet Witchy


Audio Interview with MFC Model Violet Winter

Cat: Can I ask your age and where you’re from?


Violet: I’m 23. I was born in Texas, but I’m currently in Mexico.


Cat: I know you’re active on MFC. Do you work any other sites?


Violet: No. I’ve tried other sites, every single one I think- I actually did a search and tried every single one. Some of them may have better pay, others have other kind of audience, and- first of all- I’m not slim, I’m chubby. So if I go to LiveJasmin, I’m not welcome there. And MFC feels so comfortable. Yeah it has its ups and downs, people who hate it, I sometimes hate it. Then again it also has some really nice, awesome people. So far it’s been good. Then sometimes I get lucky and I get a really, really nice day.


Cat: I was looking at your MFC profile and it looks like you put in 8 hours every day. Is that true?


Violet: I try. I put those hours only because it only lets me do like block hours. But in reality, I log in in the mornings- well I try. Whenever I’m actually working every fricking day, I do log in the mornings around 3am – 7am, then I take a break, log in at 9-12, take a break, then log in at 2-6 and then take a break, and then log in again 10-12.


I mainly login 2-4 hours at a time, sometimes less, sometimes more. I don’t really have a set schedule, I’m all over the place, whatever works. Because some days it’s really good and some days it’s really bad, and because of the cam score I try not to be on whenever it’s really bad because man it hurts to get your cam score back up. And I know some people are like don’t worry about the cam score, but I worry because most of my income is from new people actually because the old people just go and see other models or they come back later, like every month or every two months or so on. Sometimes I don’t see people for six months. I need to have traffic in my room. If I don’t have traffic in my room -the higher your cam score the better your traffic, the lower it is the less traffic you get. And so that’s where I base the hours on- the traffic I’m getting at the moment. If for an hour I don’t get new people, I just get off.


Cat: Is it safe to say camming is your main source of income then?


Violet: It is, I have no other source of income.


Cat: So, everybody wants to know, and I share my answer in my blog post, “How Much Money Do Camgirls Really Make?” Would you be comfortable answering that question for yourself?


Violet: Totally. It totally depends on how much work you put into it, really. You need to be smart about it, you need to be constant about it. I think that’s my major flaw. I’m not constant and everytime I don’t follow every day I regret it. It’s just that, it’s so hard to be constant. It’s so great for the top models that are there every fricking day and even if they have the worst personality to some people or even if they’re the nicest. It doesn’t matter, it’s just that they’re on every single day. Sometimes they pull off crazy hours- 8 hours a day, that’s just crazy. Every day and logging so many hours a day, that’s why they’re on the top, because they’re constant about it. With me, I can’t be that constant. I try, but I need to try harder.


Yeah, it really depends on how much work you put into it. That’s my flaw, I don’t put that much work into it and I make around – if I work let’s say 2-3 hours a day for 15 days every day, I end up making around the same as minimum wage part time job which is 400-500, so it’s pretty much like a part time minimum wage job. But if I put in like a lot of hours, and I work like crazy, like actually get in every single day for a certain amount of hours. My best pay day which was 15 days was 2000 and that month I pulled out around 4000. It was the best, it was just crazy because I was only able to rank around 1300. So there’s 1300 models on top of me that are making way more than 4000. It’s amazing, but then again you have to see that those models, they don’t have a break day. They have to log in every single day and they have to stress out so much, so it would be the same as working two jobs.


Cat: How long have you been working in the adult industry?


Violet: Since September 2012.


Cat: How did that start for you?


Violet: I used to work as a cashier at Jack in the Box and I loved it actually, that’s where I started gaining weight. But then we had to move, and it was in Houston we moved and I couldn’t get another job as a cashier. I got a job at this place packing up. It was a factory and everyone there was so short and the equipment was made for short people, and I had to bend down so much and I hurt and was like I don’t want to do this. I didn’t want to go back to the factory. The neighbourhood we moved to was not nice. My boyfriend and I looked at other models, and we saw that some of them were not so different from me so I was like, I’ll do it. So I just straight up quit my other job and jumped into MFC like that. And without even knowing if I was going to be making any money or not, I made it my main income right away. It was not my boyfriend’s idea but he’s the one that introduced me to MFC.


Cat: How does your boyfriend feel about the camming?


Violet: He used to give me advice on what to do, and how to do the angles, the lighting and everything. He even recorded me doing my first sex video with another guy, and the blowjob video too, and a couple of my solo videos. We have never recorded any other sex videos but if I do he’ll be my camera guy.


Cat: So we all come to camming from different places in our lives and different sets of values, etc. How would you describe your background and personality and how those led to you working as a camgirl?


Violet: Such an elaborate question. I have always been kinda crazy-ish, like probably do something else that people were not expecting. I think I’m like just crazy a little – not crazy crazy. I just like doing things different.


Cat: What do you remember about your very first day on cam?


Violet: The first thing that comes into my mind that day is that somebody wanted to chop my head off. This guy came in trying to scare me. I had nice people, but that one popped out the most because it was so scary. First day on cam and first time banning someone from my room because he was describing how he would take some giant scissors and cut my head off or something like that. I was like, where do you ban people and I was all freaking out. That’s the first thing that comes to my mind when I get asked about my first day.


I can deal with trolls, I can deal with threats and all that because before doing MFC I used to be on this social website and people always used to come to me saying shit and it’s so easy to ban them or block them. I don’t get butthurt over anything. I know how to deal with those issues.


Cat: During the last four years that you’ve been camming, what’s another story of a memorable session or something funny that happened that you’d like to share?


Violet: One time I fell off my chair while trying to be sexy. I was with my legs up on the desk and doing my thing, and I just kind of pushed a little bit harder and I went. It was during a private. The guy finished himself off as he was laughing his ass off. And so that was the last time I have ever done that with my chair.


This one month, dude, I got a 7,000 token tip and like 2-3 days later I got a 10,000 token tip and it was fricking amazing.


Cat: What do you love about webcam modeling?


Violet: Those days!


Sometimes I get really perverted and I’ll do a really low countdown show because I’m aroused during camming, and this is something I found out – I like it whenever guys watch me. I really, really, really like it. And it’s crazy because as I’m doing my little show over here, the room count keeps getting higher and higher and higher and when it goes over 100 it’s like, and I don’t know why that works every fricking time it’s just crazy.


Cat: What do you hate about webcam modeling?


Violet: I think every single model hates this. Quiet rooms and just people not tipping at all. Whenever that happens, it’s like what’s wrong with me, you look in the mirror like is my butt ugly? Why is no one complimenting me? Yeah, it hurts our vanity whenever there’s no people around to watch us. I think those days are the worst. We have those days, but it sucks even more whenever it’s two or three days in a row that you get like that. The third day it’s like, if for 15 minutes I don’t see anyone logging in and nobody tipping or anything, 30 minutes I’m already about to cry, 1 hour I have to get off and go cuddle with my pets because it’s like, nobody loves me. It’s so freaking emotional, it just hurts you. I have to pull myself together and you have to remind yourself, “you’re beautiful, it doesn’t matter if there’s no people in there, you know guys that freaking love you so much and they will come by and spoil the hell out of you, and it’s just not your day.” Just have to remind myself that there’s gonna be better days and that’s what keeps me going, constantly reminding myself that there will always be better days and there are. And I think that’s mainly what’s keeping me on MFC, those awesome days.


Cat: How does being a webcam model factor into your every day life and relationships with family and friends?


Violet: I’m not a people person, as in I can talk to strangers and have amazing conversations with strangers, but I’m not really the kind of person to hang out with people just like. Through my high school years I only had one friend, I had a couple other friends, but I never hang out with anyone. After school, that’s it. School was over and I didn’t hang out with anyone. So I didn’t have friends in real life, but in gaming I used to have my guild on World of Warcraft. I kept it even though I was camming, I kept it going and that was cool, then stopped playing WoW, then didn’t have any friends because I didn’t have no more WoW. And now started playing Overwatch and made a group of friends there, but like I don’t like combining my personal life in gaming with my camming life. Some guys want to game with me but I don’t want to because the guys I play with they don’t know I cam or do perverted things on the internet. I would like to keep it that way, and I know some guys are really, really cool that I meet on MFC they wanna game with me, but it’s like mainly gaming is when I want to spend time with my boyfriend. My boyfriend already lets me masturbate on cam for all these strangers, so I want to keep gaming sacred for just us and whatever friends we make together.


Now, family. I kept it secret from my family for the longest time, but then some cousin found pictures of me somewhere and they were like “ooh she does this” and before they get to my mom, I was like “mom I do this.” Now I’m really open about it with my family and I don’t really go into details with them but they have an idea. If they ever ask -actually my sister asked, and she just turned 18. Maybe, I think she will cam. I kind of want her to join because I think she’ll do much better than me but then again I’m like, no cuz it’s just my little sister. If she does it I’ll tell her what to do and what not, and I have to remember she’s no longer 10.


My mom is really open minded, and I could have told her. But I didn’t want to talk to her about it before because I always thought I might be out. And I’m actually already planning how to get out, and I’ve got my place now and I want to put my little business over here and I packed up just in case MFC stops working for me or MFC decides to completely shut down.


Cat: How has being a webcam model changed you, if at all?


Violet: Not really. I moved out of my house when I was 18 and I’ve been living by myself, and I’ve been learning how to pay bills, electricity, water -just the bills are fucking crazy, I don’t know how other people do that. But now I’m here doing it and just accepting to be an adult, that’s crazy man.


Yeah, MFC’s the one that’s been helping me to do my adult stuff. But MFC has not changed me. No, I have always been the way I am… I can’t even say that I’m more open to stuff because I have always been open to stuff, to try new stuff. So, MFC has not changed me.


Cat: What’s the one most important piece of advice you would give to someone considering becoming a webcam model?


Violet: Make sure you have good lighting and time to actually do it and be constant about it, otherwise you’ll be struggling at the end of the pay period. After four years of doing it I have not learned that myself, but you should learn.


Cat: Is there anything about your camming experience we haven’t covered that you’d like to share?


Violet: Oh, something that did change me. Fricking anal. I didn’t want to do anal, it was like ew. But then this one guy came and tipped me 3000 tokens to make a video with a bigger butt plug. It took me like two months to get that thing in there. I went into climax so fast. I’ve been doing a couple videos ever since and I plan on making more and it’s fricking amazing. Whoever says they hate anal or they don’t like anal it’s because they have not done it right. For reals man.


Oh, and that too. Cleaning yourself really well. After or before shows, that’s something. I’m always cleaning, fucking detergent -good thing it’s not that expensive over here in Mexico. So yeah, I think that’s it. Keeping yourself clean. I’ve learned to keep myself extra clean because even though I’m not really doing like sexual stuff with people, it’s just crazy because sometimes I do things on the floor or – especially because I have so many pets, cat hair gets on my dildos and I have to be washing them constantly. Even if I have them in a little box, and it just gets there. Just kinda make sure to keep yourself clean, keep your toys clean and everything. I think that’s something I’ve learned too, being more hygienic about that stuff.


Thank you, Violet!
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