March 26, 2023

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YouTube Interview With Romanian Webcam Model Anja Morgan

Anja Morgan, 29, Romania

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Matt: Hello! This is Matthew from OCamgirl, would you introduce yourself for us please?


Anja: Yes of course, hello Matthew! I am Anja, very nice to meet you!


Matt: How old are you, and where are you from?


Anja: I’m 29 years old, from Romania.


Matt: And what sites do you work on?


Anja: Mainly LiveJasmin, and not all of the time, I also work with a site called CamContacts.


Matt: How long ago did you start working in this field?


Anja: I started working in March 2016. It’s pretty recent.


Matt: And how has that been going for you? Are you comfortable with it? Has it been affecting your life in any drastic ways?


Anja: I wouldn’t go so far to say it affects my life in a drastic way. But it did change me. It’s a job that’s very comfortable. Whether you want to or not, it changes you.


Matt: Is this your main source of income?


Anja: It’s my only source of income!


Matt: Would you say your background or personality contributes to this line of work in any way?


Anja: I’m sure of it! I’m pretty convinced that if I had started this 5 years ago, 7 years ago, I would have been different compared to what I’m doing today. I’m convinced because we’re not the same all through life. We evolve, and we change.


Matt: Do you remember what your first day of work was like?


Anja: Oh my god yes! Of course I remember. It was a pretty special day. I remember I had worked for 8 or 9 hours, taking very short 5 minute breaks. It was so intense! I was very stressed, I didn’t know how to act or react. It was fun, but stressful! I enjoyed it. I’ve liked it since the very first minute I started.


[tweetthis]I’ve liked it since the very first minute I started.[/tweetthis]


Matt: Do you have any memorable stories of any particular day or customer that will always stand out?


Anja: I have memories of many of my members. I have some that follow me even today, after 7 months of being in this field! I’ve had them since the first week. I can’t say I have any particular members, many of them bring me many different memories. It would be a bit unfair to talk about only one!


Matt: Do you have any memories about anything strange or unusual?


Anja: I think I have more than one… But I’m pretty sure that I can’t talk about them here!


Matt: With any kind of work, there’s always ups and downs. What would you say they are with this kind of work?


Anja: It’s a job where you use certain aspects of your personality every day. Before I did other jobs that had nothing to do with this field. In those jobs, there were days where I went to work with the same attitude, the same face. In this job, I wouldn’t say you have to reinvent yourself… But you always have to keep it up! You have to be positive. It’s a way of pushing yourself, you can’t get in front of the camera with a sad face. Behind the camera, we have a personal life. We have days that go good, we have days where things are less good. And when that happens, we won’t work those days. It’s a very challenging job, but in a positive way! It makes you remember that it’s nice to be positive. That you do it because it’s a job, but because you also start to really feel good with it.


[tweetthis]It’s a job where you use certain aspects of your personality every day.[/tweetthis]


Matt: Would you say that the work you do falls into a certain niche or category?


Anja: My “style” attracts many categories of members. I think that most of them are into the conversation, like we’re friends. Otherwise no, I cant say I’m attracting a certain style or “category” of member. I have a bit of everything


Matt: Would you say that since getting into this work, that it factors into your everyday life or relationships?


Anja: A little bit yes! It’s a job that you want, or don’t want. Like I said before, it changes you. It’s quite a sensitive field here in Romania, so unfortunately you can’t talk openly about it with everyone. So in the end, it forces you to be selective about your personal environment, and people. It affects your personal life, but not especially in a negative way. On the contrary.


Matt: You’ve said that this work has changed you, would you say that this kind of work has changed you for better or worse?


Anja: I would say that it’s a very rewarding job, from the personal point of view. From a financial point of view as well! But I’m talking about the personal view. Nothing compares to the moment where you have a very nice conversation with your members, between 5 minutes or 6 hours… In the end, not only do you have the member that thanks you for the enjoyable moment or great time, but you also feel that the person behind the screen feels better, enjoyed being with you, and this is very rewarding for me. As I said, I worked other jobs, I worked in management. I worked with people, and I have to admit, I didn’t have this kind of approach to my former colleagues! For me personally, it’s very rewarding.


Matt: Do you feel there’s any other important pieces of advice you think people should know?


Anja: Many girls have different opinions about this job. From my own experience, I would say to not forget who we have in front of us! They are people. With a past, with a present. They come here to to enjoy, to have a good moment, to talk, to see you. It doesn’t matter! The most important is to try and make a connection, to enjoy, to provide comfort for you and the member.


Matt: If you had any one important piece of advice for someone looking to get into this line of work, what would it be?


[tweetthis]Just be yourself! Enjoy. This is what members like to see. [/tweetthis]


Anja: Girls, don’t try to copy the style of the other girls you might see! Just go there with your own style, with the way you choose to be. I would say most of all, enjoy it. Just be yourself! Enjoy. This is what members like to see. Let’s not forget, we are all people. We all have our own personality. We’re all here to make ourselves feel better in the end. Just enjoy it.


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