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June 3, 2023

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Introducing Male Chaturbate Model Alec Hardy [Video]

Alec Hardy, 31, Hungary


Jonathan: Hi, this is Jonathan with O Camgirl. Today I’ll be interviewing Alec Hardy, a Hungarian webcam model.


Alec: Hey!


Jonathan: Hey! So, how long have you been working in the adult industry and what drew you into it?


Alec: I started three years ago. I was in and out, so it’s not actually three full years. Well, I’m a really sexual person, I’m kind of an exhibitionist. I don’t think I have any friends who didn’t see me naked by accident sometimes. I thought it’s an exciting thing to try. I didn’t think about the money at first, but then I started having fun, and then I saw that you can make money online with this thing. I was really skeptical about this thing as well – I thought it was going to be a scam or something. But when I got my first payout, I instantly fell in love with the thing.


Jonathan: Is the adult entertainment industry your main source of income? If not, what is?


Alec: No, it’s my secondary source of income. It’s more than a hobby, but I wouldn’t say it’s actually a source of huge income. My main source of income – I’m a software engineer, I work in a web development company. I’m the lead developer there.


Jonathan: It’s interesting that you’re a web developer, because that’s one of the most popular excuses people use for their fake job when they are a full time webcam model. It’s really generic, because “web developer” could be all kinds of different things, so asking questions is a little less useful. Yeah, I’ve heard that one a lot.


Alec: Well, I actually am!


Jonathan: Radical.


Every job has it’s pros and cons. What do you love and hate about webcam modelling?


Alec: Well, I mostly love that you can meet great people. There are so many awesome people you can talk to and really getting to know people from all around the world. And usually people are really nice. I don’t know if there’s any correlation, but especially the foot fetish people – they’re ays just so nice! I don’t know why.


Of course occasionally you get your weirdos, but I don’t think there’s any job where you don’t get some weirdos. Maybe some cons, if you’re a male model – because female models can fake like 1000 orgasms a day if they are taken private. But if someone takes you private and they ask you to cum, well you can’t do that 20 times a day. It’s not so easy. That’s definitely a hard part, deciding if a 2 minute long private is worth a cum show or not, or when you can say yes, when you can say no.


And maybe people really misunderstand this line of work, I think, because they think it’s porn or other lines of sexual work. They can ask you weird questions, like “Okay, would you sleep with me?” and stuff like that, and a lot of times you have to tell them you’re not an escort, you only do this on cam or whatever. I can’t think really more negative things.


Jonathan: Do you think that maybe living in a very liberal part of the world, like the euro zone, has a part in the lack of judgment that you face?


Alec: Maybe, yeah. Actually Hungary is really divided, so –


Jonathan: Right, I think I heard about that recently.


Alec: Yeah, even in Hungary, in the rural areas people are really, really – not prudes, but they’re mostly homophobe, and uh –


Jonathan: Bigots.


Alec: Yeah.


But in the bigger cities – in the capital, and big cities, mostly people are really open and there are a lot of gay people and a lot of people who are really open about their sexuality and their fetishes and whatever, so there’s a really big difference between rural areas and the bigger cities in Hungary even.


Jonathan: I remember hearing about this major “fascist” uprising, sort of, in Hungary specifically, like a big movement.


Alec: Well, it’s not so big, fortunately.


Jonathan: That’s good.


Alec: But, there are these certain kind of individuals who think that they’re gonna be the big “Hungarists” they call themselves.


Jonathan: That doesn’t sound as cool in English, I don’t think!


How has being a webcam model changed you or your perspective?


Alec: It made me appreciate this line of work more, because before I thought that porn is so easy, or whatever you do in the sex industry, it’s so easy. You just shoot videos, you get fucked or whatever, you jerk off on cam. You don’t do anything and you get boat loads of money… But no. I couldn’t be more wrong. You really have to put in the hours, put in the work, planning. It’s just like any other kind of business.


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Jonathan: What’s the most important piece of advice you would give to somebody considering getting into the webcam industry?


Alec: That is so hard! There are so many. You have to choose your site, because there are different sites, and they work kind of differently. If you want an easy start, you can’t go to LiveJasmin, because they have such strict rules – you have to get professional photographs to even get your profile accepted. But on Chaturbate, you just register and you’re good to go.


And even the type of people that are on these sites are really different. LiveJasmin – you only have your free chat with your clothes on, that can be sexy clothes or for male models you can be topless, but you can’t show any more. And you can go on private chats. But on Chaturbate you have your free shows, with tokens and games, whatever. So it really depends on what kind of person you are, to find a good fit.


And maybe build your regulars, because it’s much easier to get a good income from regular customers who come back to you and like you and build a friendship or relationship with them, than just seducing every new people on free chat. And it’s not free money. It’s good money, but you really have to put in the hours. If you’re not then you’re not going to be successful.


[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@alechardyxxx @ocamgirl” hidden_hashtags=”#camgirltips”]If you’re not putting in the hours then you’re not going to be successful.[/tweetthis]


Jonathan: Do you have any closing thoughts or anything you’re working on that you’d like to advertise?


Alec: Maybe, yeah. There are a lot of people who are hesitating to try camming. I think if you don’t have to worry about judgment or whatever, or you don’t want to be the next president of the United States, just jump in and try it. What’s the worst thing that could happen? I think it’s gonna be more fun and more lucrative than any retail job, and that’s all.


Thanks Alec!

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