March 26, 2023

O Camgirl

The No-Nonsense Guide to Webcam Modeling purchases The Ocean Flower, worlds first Cam Island, the UKs leading adult site has purchased The Ocean Flower in the Maldives, a development of 185 luxury villas shaped as the Maldivian flower for a reported $50million USD. Proposals have been made to host the worlds first “Cam Island” on the world’s most spectacular natural coral reef.

Spokesperson Vivet Stella of states, “The cluster of 5 interconnected lagoons is an ambitious venture into the next level of the webcam industry, with this luxury resort we will be inviting 185 of the top cam girls to come and join us for an all inclusive time of their life”.

The resort is touted to have Gen5 internet provided by Viasat and state of the art equipment for the selected few to webcam to their followers from. At present during this introductory term Adultwork have no plans to charge any extra fees while residing at the resort but cam girls are asked to meet a minimum set of online hours per week.

Parts of the Island will be shown live 24/7 to viewers around the world while behind closed doors viewers will have to select their preferred cam girl to take into Group or Private mode for a more intimate session.


While on the island during downtime cam girls can take advantage of the 18 hole golf course, dine at luxury restaurants and relax on the award winning beaches.

Over the next coming months will be launching their competition for users to vote on the top 185 cam girls that will be invited to stay at the island. The competition will be shown here.


As the date has now passed, this was an April Fools joke for 2020.