June 3, 2023

O Camgirl

The No-Nonsense Guide to Webcam Modeling


This is a resource written by experienced webcam models. This is not a camming site, an agency, or a studio (but we do have one!). O Camgirl aims to be a place you can rely on for unbiased, actual information about the webcam modelling industry. Camming is not a quick fix for financial troubles. If you’re interested in becoming a cam model, you need to know what you’re doing and who you’re working with. That’s where we come in.


O Camgirl is the start of something different.


O Camgirl stands in stark contrast with other sites that claim to help new camgirls. Other sites offering advice for webcam models are peppered with affiliate links, and they tend to just promote the sites that pay them a commission for readers who sign up. That kind of conflict of interest is bullshit and pretties up reviews of otherwise disgusting sites.


Another thing that rustles our jimmies is the stigma against camgirls and sex workers in general. As part of our mission to help fight this, we are doing a series of interviews. We talk to adult performers from all walks of life. You can check them out by clicking on the “Interviews” header on this site, or on our official YouTube channel. We’re always looking to work with people who have similar mindsets or who share our goals. Tell us your story!


We’re here to shake shit up.


In the words of the site’s founder and administrator:


[blockquote author=”Cat” style=”2″]…I am sick and tired of watching underhanded and dishonest businesses succeed in this industry. There are so many companies out there advertising the highest payout in the industry, or the largest network of cam sites… the best this, the best that. Something is seriously wrong here, because they can’t all be telling the truth.[/blockquote]


And it’s true. Too many new models read those ads and get taken advantage of by unscrupulous conmen. They get drawn in by fantastical claims, thinking that they are going to be making major bank with a great and supportive company. Hell, some of them might never even realize that this company is actually taking a huge cut out of their earnings. There’s also a strong chance that with a business that scummy, the model won’t be getting the support she needs in the first place. I can’t think of a better way to disenfranchise a prospective new model.


So it was through righteous indignation that Cat started this site, with the goal of putting these scummy companies on blast and providing the facts as freely and bluntly as possible. The best way to fuck with the liars in the webcam modelling industry is to tell everyone the truth about them. They really hate that.


We are a team working toward this common goal.


Here’s the current roster:


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It is our mission to educate, advise and empower you with the facts.


Always feel free to ask questions if you need any specific advice. You can leave them in the comments or shoot Cat a message through the contact page.



11 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Cat
    I’m so happy to find your site.
    I’ve been really intrigued about being a camgirl as a side job/hobby. I’ve researched it here and there but would like insight from someone’s who has lived it.
    I really appreciated you post of reasons not be a camgirl. It gave me good points to think about and it seems like it could still be a good fit for me.
    Do you have any insight about kink.com? That’s the company I’ve kinda had my eye on and the company standards seem to be there, but how can I be sure? It also seems like they may use another company for models. Their FAQ page was good but some industry lingo was threw me a bit.

    1. Hi,
      KinkLive is the camming part of the site. It’s owned by VideoSecrets (Flirt4Free), which means if you stream on F4F you’ll be on KinkLive and all their other sites. This is one of my personal recommendations for beginners. That’s actually where I started and I had a great experience with it. Let me know if you had any specific questions about that FAQ or industry lingo. I’m happy to help where I can.

  2. I’m an eighteen year old student who aspires to be extremely famous in my future profession (not camming) and I’m wondering how safe web camming is in the future? I am a devout feminist and believe everyone should do whatever they want to keep them and others happy but obviously this might be hard to explain like kardashians and sex tapes..

    will people video me and save it for that long? Do people forget you as soon as they log off? If I use fake names and never make a wish list etc etc am I safe? And how do you deal with the embarrassment of someone you know seeing you? One of my flat mates is giving me terribly weird looks and his laptop was on streamate last night when I walked past his room (he was in the kitchen and my room is further across the landing than mine) do you think he will tell anyone or will he keep quiet because he’s embarrassed being on a camming site himself?

    1. If you intend to become famous in another field, you may end up with people looking for dirt on you. This is the kind of thing that would make great news about someone famous, if reporters discover that they once did webcam modeling work.

      In general, you won’t be remembered for long after you stop camming unless you were REALLY good and took the time to brand yourself with social media, website, etc. Most camgirls are not that memorable in the long run. The cam site you work on keeps recordings of your shows and can use them however they like for as long as the Internet is a thing. Unfortunately that is part of most contracts you’ll be asked to sign in this business. I’ve never personally had any issues with finding videos of myself anywhere and my cam sites have never made use of that stipulation.

      No one I know has ever seen me on cam. There was one instance about a year ago where someone in my city saw me and said he recognized me from a local shop. That was freaky but it was a simple matter of denial since that could have legitimately been anyone.

      I don’t know what your flat mate will do with this information. Does he know that you’re interested in camming? If he’s using Streamate for viewing, perhaps consider just using a different cam site for streaming. It doesn’t sound like he’s terribly embarrassed if he’s leaving it open on his laptop like that.

      Hope this helps! Thanks for visiting O Camgirl Katie! All the best to you 🙂

    1. Nice job! Webcammodels is owned by internetmodeling.com. From all accounts I’ve read they don’t have a great reputation (internetmodeling) – they sign their models up at Streamate with a 15% cut to pay rather than the 70% they promise. I’ve heard it’s no different with their own site. Anyway, if you’re enjoying it and making decent money, by all means stick with it! If you’re looking for a similar platform that tons of models and clients love, I recommend Chaturbate. It’s way more popular and has a solid rep. Hope this helps!

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