June 4, 2023

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7 Signs You Should Pack Your Webcam and Travel

You already have a luxury most people don’t have: you’re location independent! You love travel, have a flexible schedule, and crave to explore the world. Here are 7 signs you should pack your webcam and go travelling.

1. You’ve secured stable income or savings.

It’s not to say that we should absolutely go the secure way (I traveled first and, once I ran out of money, began webcamming), but it is a plus and a huge de-stresser in the case something goes wrong…or right – weak internet, injury, lack of privacy, absorbing a new setting, camping through the Inca Trail, etc.

Since privacy is a must, we of course have to dish out a bit more money to secure just the right spot to experience the local life and continue our work comfortably. Often times, we will be in countries where the dollar goes a long way and we end up saving more money than back home! If you’re already paying that ridiculous rent in Miami or New York, you’ll manage anywhere! Except Switzerland or Scandinavia, lesson learned. But hey, you know what you average out a month and can choose destinations that compliment your earnings.

2. Routine is a bore.

No matter how hard you try, you never stick to the schedules you set and are always late to broadcast. Isn’t this why you quit your vanilla job? Seriously, routine is just not for you. You’re already on a path most won’t take, why not take it a step further and change your surroundings. How refreshing for both you and your viewers to get a change in room design. They might ask if you got a new haircut, but really it’s just the new pad you got yourself in Athens equipped with a killer view of the Acropolis. Hell, it will probably make you more money because the new Airbnb has a way bigger shower where the wifi actually reaches. Score for outdoor shower shows in Bali.

[tweetthis]”Seriously, each time I recite a travel story someone always tips.” -Anah Habana[/tweetthis]


3. Your flexibility extends past your straddle.

We know, it took you months of youtube tutorials and yoga classes to bring your flexibility up to par with your attitude. You truly roll with the punches; your improvisation skills have gotten you through the random private request of playing a sexy prisoner forcibly fed by a tentacle inside the belly of a monster. In fact, your entire income is uncertain and most often a surprise. Not much can shock you at this point and you’re willing to embrace the minor challenges in canceled flights or stolen/missing items.

4. “No attachments” is your middle name.

Seriously, how do you whisper sweet things most people would dare only tell a soulmate to complete strangers on the internet and later scatter viciously through your notes to remember the name of that user the next time he pops into your room again. The law of impermanence is your daily mantra. You love for the moment and indulge in the now. Letting go of Teddy may get a little tricky (mostly due to the fact he’s seen unspeakable things), but he’s better off at your mom’s. You’ll soon find pleasure from liberating yourself of materialistic things. Forced minimalism is in! Plus, lingerie is super compact and the Lush is small enough to take.

5. Ne-yo had you in mind when he wrote “Miss Independent”.

Alright, we’ve cheated a little bit on this one because your social network moves with you. You’ll never be lonely, you capitalize on it. Besides, you never actually made much effort to hang out with your real friends back home. You’re a homebody. You’ve pretty much been an outcast your whole life and now your degenerate (at times cultured as they’ll give you the scoop on all must see POI) internet friends are funding you for it.

6. You’re curious to meet new people and learn new things.

It’s what most likely got you camming in the first place. 9-5s took so much out of you mentally that you never dedicated your free time to your true passions, such as reading up on ancient civilizations, learning to play the ukulele, or taking photographs of items that resemble vaginas. Camming gave you the freedom to rekindle these passions and now living in a more affordable city buys you even more time. Who knew yoga classes in Berlin are more affordable, or that Mexico City offers ceramic classes with Mezcal. You’ll never have a dull moment when it’s time to cam, your new adventures with new friends will keep your viewers on their toes. They may even tip you for your boldness. (Seriously, each time I recite a travel story someone always tips). You’ll often feel inspired and will meet like minded individuals that you may even collaborate with on passions outside (or inside) camming.

7. There is no distinguishable line between your reality and your dreams.

You’re a dream yourself; you create an illusion each night. When everyone said you need to touch the ground, you elevated the ground to your feet instead! You’ve made something out of nothing and believed in yourself. There’s a burning sense inside you that there’s more to life than the traditional values we were instilled with. Fear is your navigator towards your enlightenment!

[tweetthis]”You’re a dream yourself; you create an illusion each night.” -Anah Habana [/tweetthis]


You may have to skip out on working out of coffee shops or co-working spaces with the rest of the digital nomads, but what else is holding you back? Let that apartment lease expire or sublet it and pack your bags!

So, did you book your flight yet?