June 4, 2023

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7 Popular Sex Toy Shopping Questions Answered

The most important tools for a cam model are a computer and a webcam. But what about sex toys? Many models use them, and customers are certainly interested in seeing them. So how do you choose the best toys, and do you even need them?


Does It Matter What Material My Toys Are Made Of?


sex toy shopping guideI recommend toys that are made from medical-grade silicone, glass, or metal. These toys tend to be more expensive than their “jelly” or “for novelty use only” counterparts, but they are worth the investment.


Our body is our business, so it’s important that we take care when choosing the toys that we use every day. Sex toys are made from a wide range of materials, and many of these materials are not entirely safe. Most inexpensive sex toys are made in China, and the manufacturing process is not highly regulated. As a result, many of these toys include potentially unsafe ingredients, such as phthalates and heavy metals. For further reading, I recommend this excellent write-up by DangerousLilly on toxic materials in sex toys.


These toys aren’t just potentially toxic. They are also porous, which means they cannot be properly sanitized. Safe toys made from glass and metal are non-porous and can be sanitized effectively. Silicone toys are technically porous, but can be sanitized, as described here by Tantus. Many safe toys can be bleached, boiled, or washed in the dishwasher for full sanitization.


Can I Get Away With Buying Cheaper Sex Toys or Should I Invest In Quality Pieces?


If you’re not concerned about toxic ingredients or choose to use a condom on porous toys, you may still want to reconsider that $20 dildo you saw online. Why? Because it will not last as long as a more expensive toy. For personal use, it might suffice, but these toys are part of our business. If you have to replace a $20 dildo every few months, you are better off buying a $50 toy that will last for years.


I made the mistake of using an inexpensive dildo for a few months, and it fell apart during a show. Thankfully my customer had a sense of humor, because the result was a little horrifying!

I’ve also experienced “unsafe” toys melting, fusing together, burning my skin and giving off terrible chemical fumes. No thanks!


On the other hand, my “safe” toys have lasted for upwards of three years and still look brand new.


What Are Some Reliable Sex Toy Brands?


Most glass toys are safe, but it’s best to read reviews before purchasing.


In silicone, I recommend Tantus, Vixen, and Bad Dragon for dildos, and Lelo for vibrators.


Njoy is fantastic for metal toys. Compared to less expensive brands, these toys can carry a big sticker shock. You can save money by:


  • Putting them on a wishlist for customers to purchase
  • Asking customers for gift cards to your favorite sex shop


Which Are Better: Online Vendors or Local Sex Toy Shops?


Safe toys can be purchased on several websites, but I recommend finding a local sex toy shop to visit as well. It’s a good idea to see and feel the toys in person before making a (possibly non-refundable) purchase. Also, it can be hard to get a feel for the actual dimensions of a toy online, not to mention weight and texture.


If you prefer to shop online, make sure you use a reputable website with good reviews. One of the most common mistakes is to unintentionally purchase a knock-off sex toy from websites like eBay and Amazon. There are hundreds of fake toys on these sites, and there is no way of knowing what materials were used in knock-off toys. You can research the seller to a certain extent, but nothing is guaranteed.


Can’t I Trust The Products Listed On Amazon?


Fast, discreet shipping and reasonable prices are enough to lure anyone onto Amazon. Add in the Amazon gift cards that customers love to send us and it seems hard to resist. Unfortunately, it’s a major gamble to order sex toys from this site. Even items that are “Fulfilled by Amazon” are risky due to the way Amazon handles its inventory.


According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon “…has allowed many [third-party sellers] to pool their inventory with supposedly identical items supplied by other sellers—in essence commingling products from third-party merchants with those supplied directly to Amazon by the brands themselves.” There is no guarantee that you will receive a legitimate product when you order from Amazon.


Which Types of Toys Are Best For Camming?


Most customers are not overly picky about the toys you use. They simply want to see you enjoy yourself. I recommend realistic dildos because they are popular and versatile, especially if they have a suction cup base. You can use them in multiple positions, on different surfaces, and for a variety of different shows.


sex toy shopping guideWhen choosing the size of your toys, aim smaller than larger to start. Remember that you may use this toy for several hours a day. Don’t push your limits unnecessarily!


Girth can be more of a problem than length, so pay close attention to all of the measurements if you’re ordering online. Sex toy reviews and blogs with detailed information can be very useful since toys with identical measurements can feel quite different. For example, you might be able to take a toy with a 2″ girth when it’s made from ultra soft silicone, like the Vixen VixSkin line, but only 1.5″ girth from a toy made from harder materials.


How Many Toys Does a Cam Model Need?


Toys can be fantastic additions to your cam shows, but they are not a necessity. You can start camming without any toys at all! If you want to purchase a few starter toys, I recommend purchasing one comfortable dildo and a wand vibe (the Hitachi Magic Wand is a popular choice). If you want to offer anal, throw in a comfortable anal toy with a wide, flared base. You don’t want any embarrassing trips to the emergency room!


You can easily expand your collection over time. Purchase realistic dildos in multiple skin tones and sizes to suit different customers. Or stand out with unusual, colorful, or fetish-oriented toys.


You may want a separate toy just for blow jobs, a specific toy that’s more comfortable to use when you’re sore, or a large toy to use for special shows. There are many options to explore, so have fun and play safe!