May 28, 2023

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The No-Nonsense Guide to Webcam Modeling

5 Mistakes I Made on My First Day Camming

We all make mistakes and learning the ropes of camming takes time. But hopefully you’ll be better equipped knowing what I consider to be the most important lessons I learned on my first day. Check out the five worst mistakes I made on my first day camming. I fucked up so you don’t have to, ha.

mistakes first day camming


Racing the Clock in Private Chat


I remember that as-yet-unfamiliar ding and the little notice: “You are now in paid chat.” Panicking. Ermergerd what do I do? Oh right, I put on a show. I stripped in like 10 seconds flat and started playing with my toys.


[tweetthis]Welcome your client with your best smile. Don’t rush yourself, and don’t rush him.[/tweetthis]


Take a breath and slow down.  


When a client takes you to private chat, he often has a particular request and doesn’t mind taking a moment to communicate with you. Welcome your client with your best smile. Don’t rush yourself, and don’t rush him. The golden line is: “Do you have any special ideas or requests for our session today?” If he doesn’t, he’ll normally let you know. If he doesn’t communicate within, say, 30 seconds or so – THEN you can feel free to start teasing a bit and go about a sort of “default” show unless he tells you otherwise.


Giving Freeloaders the Time of Day


We call them greys. We call them freeloaders. They are users who aren’t going to spend a dime on you and there’s nothing you can do to change that reality. They exist everywhere. They are shameless. Ugh.


On my first day, I fell for one of the lowest tricks in the book – a fake tip. That’s right, some guy posted “BigSteve has tipped the model 100 tokens!” (I don’t actually remember the name or the number but you get the idea.) Had I not been completely overwhelmed and nervous in that moment I probably would have realized it wasn’t real. But I had never seen a real tip, so I doubted my instinct. And I flashed the room. Well, I mistakes first day camminglearned quick when I checked my stats and saw nothing but zeros. You’ll know a real tip when you see it, because it won’t look like the rest of the chat. Depending on the site, it will be set apart in a different colour or highlighted in gold.

Freeloaders are the bane of our existence as camgirls. We learn to deal with them. We learn to ignore them.


Fighting that Nervous Feeling


Camming takes guts. Sure, you’re basically anonymous and you have the freedom to project whatever aspects of your personality you feel like projecting. But you really are putting yourself out there, and you’re letting people see parts of you that you probably wouldn’t otherwise share with dozens or hundreds of people.  I’m not just talking about your tits here lol. When you’re broadcasting yourself from your bedroom or your couch, you have the chance to truly connect with a lot of different kinds of people. Have those real conversations. Embrace the butterflies. Admit that it’s your first day and you’re nervous.


[tweetthis]Embrace the butterflies. Admit that it’s your first day and you’re nervous.[/tweetthis]


And if you’re feeling particularly anxious, like I was on my first day, feel free to just type for a bit until you get comfortable enough to use your mic. Those first day jitters though.


Trying Too Hard to Be Seductive


[tweetthis]Stop trying so hard to seduce potential clients. Desperation is terribly unattractive.[/tweetthis]


In contrast to embracing the butterflies: RELAX. Seriously, you don’t have to put on an act or a show in an attempt to get people to dish out tokens or gold or whatever the currency is on your chosen site. Stop trying so hard to seduce potential clients. They can smell your desperation a mile away and it’s terribly unattractive.


Try to stay positive and answer questions about your offerings genuinely, but above all be true to yourself.


Disguising Myself as Some Other Girl


On my first day, I had this picture in my head of what a camgirl is supposed to be like. I tried to mimic that picture, and I was so disingenuous it was sickening. Not to mention exhausting. Being yourself really is the best advice. If you forget everything else, remember this one.


YOU are good enough.


mistakes first day cammingBut I want to be better than good enough. Trust me. Your quirks and your personality make you one of a kind, and there is a group of clients looking for someone just like you. The best clients are looking for someone they connect with, not a carbon copy of everything else that exists. Just be you, and be patient. Your true fans will have an easier time finding you if you aren’t disguised as someone else.


[tweetthis remove_hidden_hashtags=”true”]Your true fans will have an easier time finding you if you aren’t disguised as someone else.[/tweetthis]


Take it easy.