March 26, 2023

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The No-Nonsense Guide to Webcam Modeling

5 Great Tips for Saving Money While Camming

Webcam modeling can make you a lot of money, but it can cost a lot of money as well! I grew up very frugal. I’m also a college student who is paying out of pocket. As a result, I have quite a few not-so-secret tricks up my sleeve for saving as much as possible in this camming world.


Check Out Thrift Stores and Yard Sales


tips for saving money while cammingWhile this may not be the best place for dildos and butt plugs, it’s wonderful for finding costumes, unique clothing, beauty supplies, room decor (such as Christmas lights and candles), and even random items that can contribute to a fun “never seen before” show! With an open mind, these places can become a wonderland of opportunity at a huge discount.


Surf the Magical Internet for Deals


For cheap items, I suggest for two reasons. First of all, the website is very secure and efficient with a wide variety of pretty much anything. Secondly, using Amazon gives your fan base a chance to order things for you at zero cost to you! Make sure you create a wishlist under an account with your camming name and email, hide your address, and ask for gift cards as payment so that your personal information is hidden.


Oftentimes, I am given gift cards to order specific things on my wishlist that someone wants me to have, such as an outfit and even my new laptop! It makes the giver feel closer to you as a person and helps lower the number of expenses for your business. It’s always a win-win!


Take Advantage of Holiday Stores and Departments


tips for saving money while cammingIf you live somewhere with a Halloween store open in October, you have found the pot of gold. This applies to most stores after any holiday. Those sexy Santa dresses, bunny ears, body paints, handcuffs, fishnets, and more will have slashed prices a day or two after the holiday has passed. I saw 90% off costumes and accessories at a drugstore I went to after last Halloween. That beats the high prices they have mid-season for sure.


Explore Your Own Closet and Current Belongings


You likely have quite a few things hiding around your place already that can enhance your cam shows. That half tube of blue lipstick you used for a costume one day could be really eye-catching on cam, for example.


Old candles. Costumes. That dress you wore once to that party. The things you already own cost nothing, and the more creative you get, the sooner you’ll realize that you already have everything you need sitting right in front of you.


Shop Around and Compare Prices


One last tip I have is to shop around before making a purchase. Usually sex shops are a bit pricey, but I have found a couple great deals at one. There were some items that were cheaper than anywhere else I looked, even though other items in the store were overpriced. Always keep your eyes open for potential savings!