June 4, 2023

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3 Reasons NOT to Start Camming on Skype

By Ember Light

Working on Skype will leave you lonely and underpaid.

reasons not to start camming on skype



1. If you are camming on Skype you have to find clients on your own.


As a new cam girl, finding clients is your mission. Back in my early days, I used to go to ChatAvenue.com to try to collect myself a little group of fans. This resulted in a lot of Skype friends and few paying customers. Playing your own ‘client contractor’ is a terrible idea.


2. If you are camming on Skype it may be harder to find support when you need it.


Another reason to stay away from Skype is that it leaves you on your own. You are not part of a cam girl ‘sisterhood’ that you might find on cam sites. I learnt so much about camming by watching other girls. There is no way to get help from the help desk, put forward issues about payment or bring a concern or question to someone who can help.


3. If you are camming on Skype you have to worry more about payment methods.


How do you get paid if you’re working on Skype? Since paying is impossible directly over Skype, you’ll need to coordinate a payment method for your client. Do they pay first? After? Do you trust this stranger you have pulled from the internet to pay you? On a cam site, paying customers know what is expected of them and you do not have to worry about how they get their tokens. There are whole departments to deal with them. You do you, and they worry about uploading funds and where to spend them. This takes away the stress over how and when you are getting paid.


Cam site platforms are designed so that you can enjoy yourself and viewers can enjoy you without hassle. All you have to worry about is interacting and putting on a show, while the site worries about finding clients and payment methods.


Sign up with a legitimate cam site to take the stress out of camming. You join a professional group of people who are exchanging a service for cash. Camming will be difficult enough at first as you’re learning the ropes, so take the other issues away. Flirt4Free and Chaturbate are great places to start. They allow you to create your shows by setting what you will do per amount of tokens raised. You can be your flirty self and see the tokens adding up. You can build up your confidence and client base one show at a time without worrying about where the clients are coming from and how you are going to be paid.



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