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June 3, 2023

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The No-Nonsense Guide to Webcam Modeling

10 Words That Will Kill Your Customer’s Fantasy

When you work as a webcam model, you’re creating a fantasy for your customers. The performer name that you choose at registration becomes the name they fantasize about until they come back with credits or tokens. They pay you, and then you perform a show for them.


I used several words in the first paragraph that you should avoid while broadcasting. I bet you know what they are, but in case you hadn’t thought of it before I’ve created a handy dandy list of 10 such words and phrases for you to use as a guide.



The word “work” has a negative connotation that might imply that you don’t actually want to be there. Your customers want to believe that you’re there because you want to be.

Camgirl Broadcasting

What Not to Say

What to Say Instead

  • going to work
  • working
  • at work (i.e. on cam)
  • getting on cam
  • hanging out
  • looking for fun/trouble, etc.



The words “customers” and “clients” have a connotation that implies exchange of money for goods and services. While accurate, that’s not what you want them thinking about while they’re in your room.


When in doubt, remember that whether horny, lonely or bored, they are just people and they’re there because they like you.

Just People

What Not to Say

What to Say Instead

  • customers
  • clients
  • guys
  • fans
  • guests, etc.



In creating a fantasy, your job is to make it seem as real as possible. Some may want to develop a lasting friendship with the persona that you’ve created. Don’t remind them that you aren’t using your real name.


What Not to Say

What to Say Instead

  • performer name
  • stage name
  • name




This is a big one. To become a successful camgirl you need to get your guests to stop thinking with their wallets. You need to get them excited and eager to take that credit card out to spoil you and get your attention.

What Not to Say

What to Say Instead

  • credits
  • tokens
  • money
It’s best to avoid the subject of money altogether.



A lot of models use the phrase “take me private,” but it doesn’t usually work because as in #4 this draws their attention back to their wallet. Your best bet is to water it down and keep it playfully seductive. This is what they call “soft selling.” 😉

What Not to Say

What to Say Instead

  • pay for a show
  • take me private
  • get me alone
  • take me away
  • I would love to see you behind the curtain



The words “perform” and “show” are both impersonal. If he’s paid for your one-on-one attention, he generally wants an intimate experience with you.

Private Session

What Not to Say

What to Say Instead

  • perform a show
  • play
  • be naughty with me
  • spend some quality time together



It’s your job to maintain the fantasy they came for. If you are straight up not available, it makes you less interesting by default. Some may love the idea of having fun with someone’s wife, but most customers want to at least enjoy the illusion of you being available.


On the other hand, if you’re straight up single, they won’t believe you because… how could someone so gorgeous and intelligent be single amiright?

Why are you single

What Not to Say

What to Say Instead

  • I’m married or in a committed relationship.
  • I’m not seeing anyone right now
  • going through a breakup
  • in an open relationship
  • kind of interested in someone, but nothing serious



When your guests ask why you started camming, they probably don’t want to hear that you were having trouble paying your bills or that you need the money for school. These kinds of things bring them back to their wallet-awareness. Some might want to help, but most really just want you to seduce them into spending their time and money on you.


What Not to Say

What to Say Instead

I need the money
  • I need an outlet
  • I’m sexually frustrated
  • I’m a closet exhibitionist
  • I just love having fun with strangers



Yes it’s a fantasy and yes you are going to experience some kind of feeling for some of your customers over time. It happens. In the heat of the moment, sometimes it’s easy to let an “I love you” slip if you forget where you are.


Some customers may explicitly request that you say “I love you” at some point during a show, and in this case it’s up to you – if you’re comfortable, go ahead and oblige. But please be careful with people’s emotions. If they seem to be taking the fantasy a little too seriously, consider creating some distance.

engage the fantasy

I’ve received more marriage proposals at work than I ever imagined I would in my entire life lol.

What Not to Say

What to Say Instead

I love you You’re so good, etc.



If someone asks you if you would try something that you aren’t comfortable with, saying “no” isn’t always the best answer.


I’m not suggesting that you do anything you’re not comfortable with. In fact, I insist that you don’t. 


But even if you aren’t going to fulfill the request, you can still entertain his fantasy. Unless you aren’t comfortable with the customer at all, try not to close doors by simply saying no.

What Not to Say

What to Say Instead

  • No
  • I’ve never tried that before, so I don’t know if I like it.
  • I don’t know how. Would you show me?
  • I might be able to try in private if we can go slow, but I can’t make any promises since I’ve never done it before.


These are not set in stone. Obviously there are many different types of customers who are looking for something different. For example, a known submissive might love to hear you tell him to empty his wallet for you. But we’ll talk about those customers in a future edition of Camgirl Success Tips.


What are some things that you say on cam that seem to work for you? I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with words and phrases like these. Drop me a comment or question below.


Now that you are better equipped for your live broadcast conversations, go make some money. And by that I mean go hang out with your guys on cam! 😉


Take it easy.