March 26, 2023

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The No-Nonsense Guide to Webcam Modeling

10 Mistakes Camgirls Make That Jeopardize Their Privacy

And the 10 ways that you’re going to be a smarter and safer webcam model after reading this post. Bookmark it!



Skimming through the manual or not reading it at all


Most cam sites provide a lot of useful tips in their Performer Manual, including how to set up your geographic restrictions and make use of secure phone service. These are important details that will make you a smarter and safer camgirl.

Take the time to read the guides and the rules, and make use of every security feature your cam site of choice offers.



Chatting it up about current local events

local news

Be careful when chatting. Some local news reports or noteworthy weather could give away your approximate location. I recommend avoiding these topics altogether, but if that isn’t possible just don’t get specific. Vague ambiguity is your friend.



Clicking on links provided by the customer


True, it could be harmless. But it could also be there to grab your IP address, which would reveal your approximate location unless you’re using a proxy. If you don’t know what a proxy is or how to use one, just don’t click on your customers’ links.



Not paying attention to what the customers can see


Typing on Wireless keyboard
photo credit: On-line via photopin (license)


A simple view out the window could reveal your approximate location. If you’re using a wireless keyboard, never log in to personal accounts while it is visible to your guests. I know of one girl who inadvertently leaked her passwords to an observant visitor this way. Pay attention 😉



Accepting Paypal


There are so many issues with this one. It’s against the terms of service to use Paypal for adult related services. Stealing customers from your cam site could get you banned. And in terms of privacy, your customer will see whatever name is on the Paypal account (I would guess it’s yours).



Sharing an Amazon Wishlist so fans can send presents


Some fans will want to send you presents. Maybe it’s a special occasion like your birthday, or maybe there is something specific that your customer wants to see you use or wear in a future session. As secure as Amazon may appear, your address could show up on someone’s receipt.


So, let’s get presents the smart way. If your cam site offers an internal wishlist service, use it – they’re looking out for your privacy. One such site is Flirt4Free. It’s up there with Streamate – not a bad choice. Streamate does not offer a wishlist service, and it’s also against their rules to direct customers off site. This is why you have a Twitter account in your performer name, right? 😉 Your smart customers will find you.


I recommend using Delivery Code if you need a safe spot to put your wishlist.



Sending mail to a customer


Occasionally, a fan might request an autographed photo or a pair of your panties in the mail. Selling panties is a viable business model but I’ll talk about that in the future. Right now you just need to be aware that it’s easy for the recipient to figure out which post office processed the package. Again, this gives away your approximate location and that’s not cool.



Trusting a regular customer


You might develop a kind of relationship with one or a few of your customers, and at some point you may even feel like you know them well enough to trust them with something like your name. It’s only your first name, right? WRONG.


Have a fake real name ready for moments like that, and remember that you’re engaging your fan in a fantasy and an illusion. Your real name is sacred. NEVER reveal it.


Your phone number, address, place of work, and school are all pieces of information that could also lead to your identity. Keep that stuff to yourself.


photo credit: Talk Shows On Mute via photopin (license)



Blabbing about family and friends


It might make for great conversation, but don’t tell your guests what your family members do for a living. Keep all their information private as if it’s your own. If someone wants to “get to know you,” stick to vague and ambiguous. Or just make shit up lol.



“That pic I posted on my real Facebook account is so cute; I have to share it with my fans!”


If a photo has ever been or is currently connected with any of your real life accounts, do not share it with your fans. A quick Google image search can lead them right to those real life accounts. Keep photos of you and photos of your “model persona” completely separate.



And with that, you are officially a smarter webcam model lol. Please let me know if there are any tips that you think should be added to this list or if you have any comments or questions about anything in this post. I’d love to hear from you!


Safety first 😉

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