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June 4, 2023

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The No-Nonsense Guide to Webcam Modeling

10 Reasons I Love My Job as a Camgirl

This wouldn’t be a site about webcam modeling if I didn’t write about why so many people seem to love the job (myself included). So here are 10 counterpoints to my previous post, 10 Reasons NOT to be a Camgirl.



The Pros of Camming


1. I quit my day job.


This is a pro so many recruiters love to focus on because so many people are dissatisfied in their jobs. But it doesn’t make it any less true – if you’re good at it, camming part time can replace a daily 9-5 grind. If you hate your job, being a camgirl could ultimately let you quit altogether.

It took me about 2-4 months to get to the point that my camming income matched and eventually passed up my desk job income.


girl with dollar notes
Image credit: Andres Rodriguez via Dreamstime Stock Photos


2. I can make money in my sleep.

Every video you release for VOD or pictures you upload for sale increases your potential to create a passive income stream.


In other words, by having content available when you’re offline, you could be making money in your sleep.


3. I go to work in my pyjamas.


Go to work in whatever you want. It can be seriously fun trying out new outfits and lingerie on cam. I love shopping for my alter-ego.


4. I get paid to be myself.

You don’t have to put on an act unless you want to or feel it would increase your profits.


Some of the best advice I’ve ever heard about webcam modeling is to BE YOURSELF. Simple yet so often overlooked by new models. There is no cookie-cutter model persona – you get to create your own according to who you actually are. Be real on cam and you’ll attract fans you jive with.


5. I have a naughty secret.

Of course, this can be a pro and a con – who likes keeping secrets from close family and friends? But if you cam on the side of your day job, you can make it your naughty secret while earning some extra spending money.


I used to love that feeling before I quit my other job. I would go to work having already made a day’s wage. It actually made my other job less stressful, and it helped that I knew I was on my way out.


6. I am self-employed, self-managed, and self-motivated.


If you aren’t, you’re in the wrong line of work babe. If you are, you’ll enjoy scheduling your own hours and daily routines around the things that actually matter to you in your life.


Stop and smell the dandelions

7. I have the time to pursue my real passions and spend my energy in more meaningful ways.


What does your current job get in the way of?


I know when I was working a full time desk job, I always came home too tired to really do any of my hobbies. Time spent with family was either non-existent or low quality (think watching TV). I had all kinds of projects on the back burner and never really had the time or energy to finish anything.


Webcam modeling changed that for me.


8. I interact with all kinds of different people from around the globe.


9. I’ve gained confidence and self-esteem.


Sound counter-intuitive? It shouldn’t. Fans treat the models they love like goddesses. You’ll get all kinds of compliments on your physical attributes and your personality. Some good guys out there will tip you just for engaging in conversation. Some fans might even send you gifts if you let them (through third party services that keep your location completely anonymous).


10. I get to share my experience and insight with an awesome community of cam models.

With experience in the industry, you’ll learn how to tell what’s real and what isn’t.


It will become easier to identify good cam sites and avoid any scams, and maybe you’ll even stick around O Camgirl to pass on the wisdom you gain in the process. 😉

scam or legit

Again, please don’t skip over the previous post. Webcam modeling has been a great line of work for me personally, but it is not for everyone and I do want you to make an informed decision if you are contemplating becoming a camgirl yourself.


As always I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to drop them in the box below. I promise I’ll respond.


Talk to you soon!