March 26, 2023

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Thirteen reasons why………………….I’m a Cam Girl



Like the billions of people who I share this planet with money is fundamental and an important aspect of living. Without money I like everyone else would have nowhere to live and my quality of life would be poor. So, as a result of this prospect I have no qualms in camming for additional funds to my “day job”.


I decided to surf the net when I happened upon a site that talked about making money right from my own home. I had found Chaturbate which I soon realised was a site for camming. I researched in detail about camming, how easy it seemed and safe as I could sit on cam in my own home and do normal things like talk, put on my make-up, give myself a pedicure and people could watch me and I could make some real money off this. I thought to myself I could give this a try, see how it goes and if it works great if not well at least I gave it a try.

On day one I was really nervous. What do I do or say? What if no one comes to watch me? What if people are horrible to me? In the end I just had to swallow my apprehensions and go for it. There are millions of people who do this, it can’t be all that bad. The first few minutes were heart racing, I just felt like switching off my camera and calling it a day. But, I didn’t. I calmly sat and browsed the internet until someone started to watch me. I chatted to people and after a few minutes I realised that it was quite fun. Before long I was earning money. I couldn’t believe it, after all my worries I was laughing and beginning to feel at ease.

After that first day I made over $100. I couldn’t believe that the money was so easy to make. I thought to myself making that amount of money on minimum wage would take hours of back numbing work.

When I think back to the days before I discovered Chaturbate I often wonder how I survived with such financial stresses. I speak with other cam girls on forums and have realised that some girls enjoy camming so much that they have professional jobs during the day and cam for fun.

I have built a network of friends who support one another, offer advice and general social needs. I would have thought before that this life is seedy for those in dire need and willing to do things that they would not normally be willing to partake in. I see now that it’s not seedy at all. It’s liberating to be enabled to work hours that suit you. Be in the comfort of your own home. Feel safe and secure with knowing that I’m being empowered to change my life to give me opportunities to live a life that makes me happy.

I do what I feel comfortable with and do not feel pressure to comply with anything that I simply do not want to do. If you have ever thought “should I try it”. I would say “go for it”. You cannot judge something off the opinion of others. You may be missing out on an opportunity that not only brings financial rewards but also something that you find very enjoyable.

I can log in for an hour whenever I want and can finish with a hundred dollars in my pocket. What job is going to pay $100 for an hours work, not very many. I have my followers or my regulars as I call them who I talk with and feel very comfortable with who make up a lot of my earnings.


So, onto my thirteen reasons why I choose to be a cam girl:



1. Financial success, I never thought that I would be able to have financial freedom to not worry about how I would pay my bills. To be able to save money and spend my money on things that under different circumstances I would not be able to afford to buy. I can splurge on things that I could never have dreamed about before. I have gone on amazing holidays and seen parts of the world that would have never been available to me before. Some weeks I can earn over $500 which is incredible on top of my day job.

2. Working from my own home. In my own comfort with the added bonus of knowing that I can switch off when I have had enough I can take a break when I want. I feel safe and I have an area set up with lights and sexy linens that I call my work area. I can have a day or week off when I want and I can take my work on holiday if I fancy a few hours on cam in an exotic location. Making money when you’re on holiday is a great thing to be able to do.

3. It can be incredibly sexy. I feel amazing knowing that guys are really turned on by me. I whisk on cute/sexy tops and feel wonderful while I try items on knowing that not only do I have an audience watching me but it feel extra kinky knowing that they are paying to watch me. I’m making money doing something that makes me feel great!

4. There is a market for everyone.  Whether you’re large, small, young or older you can cam. Everyone has a “thing” that turns them on and you’d be surprised that not all men get turned on by beautiful model looking women. Most people have a fetish, something that get them going and I love that everyone is so individual in what they like. It’s so empowering to know that you can be worshipped by someone when you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see. Some men really know how to make you feel like the most beautiful person in the world. It’s such a boost to your self-worth and confidence. You can feel incredible almost movie star esque with legions of loyal fans who hang on your every word and motion.

5. New experiences. There is a lot said about gaining new experiences in life. I cannot think of anything worse than waking up one day an old lady thinking “what if”. I want to enjoy life to the fullest and experience everything that the world has to offer. If something is unenjoyable it can always be stopped. Never let anyone hold you back from something new (this includes yourself) take life by the balls (so to speak) and have a damn good time living it.


6. Be your own boss. I for one dislike to the highest degree being told what to do. I never could adapt to this, sometimes a boss is simply a bully there is definitely something awesome about never having someone to answer to (apart from you of course). If you only did cam could you imagine never having to meet another deadline? Never being late to work? Never having to look at nosey colleagues while dreaming of how to choke them while smiling sweetly the whole time. Camming cam be used to grow funds for your own venture. You can easily earn large funds while growing your own business and quit anytime that you want. The world is literally your oyster.


7. My time is my own. Firstly you’ll have the funds, and with a job that you can work as you want you’ll have time to do what you want to do. A laptop is very basic and extremely versatile making it easy to cam virtually when and where you want. It is definitely the most accessible job out there with limitless potential.

8. Friendship. Some of the people that I have met on the forums have become good friends. With a job that some people may choose to work with discretion it’s nice to have others to talk with who you can be open and honest with. I have met people who I’m very close with who are professionals by day who are able to give me quality advice who I may not have encountered without our shared passion.

9. Getting paid daily. Although Chaturbate itself does not pay daily there are studios who you can join who do. Bearing in mind that not all studios may be legit. But, there are some who I have worked with who not only pay out daily but who give me support and advice that is invaluable when it comes to this business. The knowledge that these guys have is crazy. Any query that I have is answered sharply with professional staff who are friendly and always make me feel that I have a support unit behind me should I require help. I find this service personally invaluable and cannot recommend it enough. Especially for those who are staring out in this business. To have someone to correspond with to make you feel at ease is definitely worth considering.

10. I’m in control. I am able to say no to something that I am not comfortable with. If someone requests something in particular and I do not wish to do it I don’t. I can also ban someone from entering my room if I do not feel comfortable with them. Which makes me feel protected; I know that if someone is not adhering to my rules that I do not have to tolerate them.

11. I can express myself. I choose and play roles that I want. I can enter into a world that I have made. I can pick my name, age and profession and act out my fantasies. I can play out my sexual roles in a way that I want and act in ways that are a total opposite of the person I am when off camera. It’s definitely liberating to be able to do things that you may never do in front of someone in a one to one setting. I like to be dominant and control a guy which is something I do not think I could ever do in real life.

12. Multiple sites. There is a number of sites for cam girls to choose. Personally I like Chaturbate but there are various top sites worth a mention including Streamate, Adultwork, My Free Cams and Live Jasmine. I should mention that there are dailypay studios which serve all these sites.


13. I want to be a success. I want to live a life that in the end I can be happy and satisfied and think to myself “you know what, I lived a great life and enjoyed the opportunities that this world has to offer”. In reality in today’s society we are all influenced by what we see and that is mostly beautiful things and people. With reality TV (most notably a very famous family) we see how the very rich live. I always thought to myself that I want the nice things that life has to offer. Why can’t I have the best beauty products on the market. I want to travel and see the places that look so glamorous and beautiful in my favourite movies. I have learned that a “normal” job in this day just don’t cut it. In order to get everything in life that I want and have my dreams and aspirations actually achieved. I have to make more money than what I ever could doing a normal job. But you know what I am so glad that I took that first step in applying for Chaturbate. My life has changed dramatically since. I have opportunities that I would not have had. I have seen things I would not have seen. I have tasted a life that others dream. And when it comes down to what is important in my life I’m forever grateful that I can took an opportunity and made a go of it.