June 4, 2023

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InternetModeling Review: How To Blow 43% of Your Streamate Earnings


InternetModeling Might Be Right for You… If You Want to Blow 43% of Every Check




Some studios offer significant value in terms of personal coaching and promotion without cutting your paycheck.


And some studios are shameless opportunists looking to piggyback on your hard earned dollars.


[blocktext align=”left”] “InternetModeling gives NO marketing or traffic benefit to the model, and their “training” is a simple wiki page that actually tells you the opposite of what you should be doing.”[/blocktext]I’ve come across way too many referral links for this site in the comments on other blogs. They always claim you’ll make more there than anywhere else. Everyone makes that claim. In reality, you’ll make the most on the site that’s right for you. You’ll have an easier time of that if you don’t sign up through a studio that pockets a HUGE chunk of your check.


There are some studios with Streamate that only take a small percentage as a referral incentive, and then you never hear from them again. Then there is InternetModeling – they advertise the highest payout in the industry, then pay out only 20% out of the 35% commission on Streamate as long as you model through them.


And here’s the worst part. When their models realize that they’re being fleeced, they can’t simply quit and sign up directly with Streamate to get that full 35% commission. InternetModeling’s contract includes a non-compete clause that prevents their models from working with Streamate or any of its affiliates for a full year after they close the account.


InternetModeling Doesn’t Live Up to Promises Made to Models




[blocktext align=”left”]“Garbage! Used them for 3 months or so and just told them to delete my account. Way too unprofessional. Also once you sign in look into the cam and wave to your family! Because they will surely see you on this site.”[/blocktext]InternetModeling owns WebcamModels.com, which feels like an amateur site in the worst sense of the word. Freeloaders are rampant and a model who knows what she’s doing might make some tokens, but the site targets newcomers because the platform is shite and any experienced model will take one look at it and run. New models are going to be hard pressed to make any tokens on this platform. They also own AmateurCams.com, and AdultVideos.com.


The positive reviews you find online for this site are written by or otherwise rewarded by InternetModeling themselves. Models are offered extra promotion in exchange for positive reviews, and you can be confident that nobody holds up a fan sign for nothing in return.




I’ve heard many accounts of rudeness and disrespect from InternetModeling support.


[blocktext align=”right”] “InternetModeling gives NO marketing or traffic benefit to the model, and their “training” is a simple wiki page that actually tells you the opposite of what you should be doing.”[/blocktext]The support provided for models is the main selling point of signing up with InternetModeling. As a result, it would be expected that the most glowing recommendations would report stellar support services. It’s actually the opposite. Models speak of the difficulty solving problems related to tech support and customer service.


Navigating a new industry can be challenging. Newcomers will naturally seek advice on pricing and how to structure their shows. But InternetModeling inflates those fears by advertising their helpful knowledge and then failing to provide the kind of value its models pay for.


Positive Reviews Based on Affiliate Marketing Rather Than Value for Newcomers to Camming


InternetModeling is set up so that its users benefit from posting glowing reviews, regardless of their level of engagement with the company. The logic of affiliate marketing is that members gain money by encouraging more people to join. This tactic is less generously referred to as multi-level marketing or pyramid schemes.


An InternetModeling marketer’s income isn’t necessarily contingent upon how much value they think the service brings to models. This is what makes it fundamentally different from referral marketing. Referral marketing is built on trust, and a personal guarantee of the usefulness of a product or service. Affiliate marketing is driven by money and it often tries to paint itself as referral marketing.


As a result, many of the InternetModeling reviews speak to how much money members can make depending on how much work they put in (i.e. promotion of the company, posting links). If you only look for reviews that speak to the experience of being a new model, the positive reviews are dramatically cut down.


In addition, agents post many of the glowing reviews about the amount of money you make. Agents are the individuals who make money from referrals. To be fair, models can also become agents, but this is why the few positive reviews you come across from models normally have a referral link or some kind of reference to the agent program. Making money off of referrals in and of itself is not a bad thing. It’s about the integrity of the referral.


Some agents’ reviews speak of their personally positive experience working for InternetModeling, but then go on to point out the shortcomings of the support system for models.


Just Because It Isn’t A Scam, Doesn’t Mean It’s Worth It


[blocktext align=”right”]“Their name had to be BANNED from [Stripperweb] as an auto-filter because the scum bags spammed us here so much to scam other girls. Unfortunately, if you’re with them it is a rip off. They’re giving you 70%…of 35%. If that.”[/blocktext]The difficulty is that when new models are seeking information on a studio, they target their research towards answering the question, “Is this a scam or not?” While a person’s definition of a scam may be flexible, technically speaking InternetModeling isn’t a scam. Much of the undesirable aspects are laid out in their user agreement. For instance, a model’s restriction from working with its affiliates for one year if they choose to leave InternetModeling is outlined in section 5.4 of the Webcam Model Agreement.


But just because InternetModeling is not a scam, doesn’t mean it’s a desirable spot for new models. A lot of models have confused individual marketing by models and agents for unbiased recommendations.


A better way to put it is that InternetModeling is more of a scheme, meant to make money through promotion. If you’re someone who is simply looking to make money through promotion and clicks, perhaps you will identify with the positive reviews posted about InternetModeling. But if you are a webcam model looking to launch your career and hoping to receive fair pay for what you’ve earned, then you will have a frustrating experience dealing with the site’s customer service, interface, and lack of support.




Briefly, InternetModeling is a Streamate studio. If you are working with them you are being ripped off. Don’t let anyone take advantage of you! If you need help to get started camming, don’t turn to a studio. They’ll promise you the moon because they want a cut of your check. Instead, use one of many resources available to you online such as WeCamgirls, Stripperweb, or OCamgirl.


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